Dairy Queen Days

16-year-old Trout Moseley is having a hard time. His father, a 300-pound minister going through a crisis of theological angst, rides away on a motorcycle on Easter Sunday morning. His mother, Irene, is hospitalized in Atlanta with severe depression. And now he’s abruptly moved to Moseley, Georgia – a town and textile mill his family founded decades earlier and still controls. As Trout tries to discover who he is and deal with parents coming unglued, he also has to face the burden of the Moseley family’s extended history. He finds refuge behind the counter at the local Dairy Queen, where his life is made alternately crazy and hopeful by Keats Dubarry, daughter of an angry mill activist. Trout finds that growing up is a bittersweet experience, and that his salvation must ultimately come from within. Adapted by Robert Inman from his novel.

Cast: 4 male, 3 female. Approximate running time: 1 hour, 40 minutes. Premier: October, 2006 at Blowing Rock Stage Company, Blowing Rock, NC.

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