The Drama Club

It’s the beginning of a new school year, and the high school drama club is holding auditions for its fall production. As the acknowledged leader of the club, Emily is sure she will be offered the lead role – until the arrival of an equally talented transfer student named Tasha challenges Emily’s position as the best actress in school. A volatile rivalry between the two becomes more than a contest for a part in a play, and tensions between the Caucasian and the African-American girls spread from the drama club to the entire school. Students wrestle with their peers, their prejudices and themselves. Cracks in the social strata reveal the simmering complexity beneath. What will boil over and what will be left … for better or worse? The Drama Club explores a modern dilemma that schools continue to face: how do we truly connect with each other and deal with our differences, and what are the stakes if we fail? 

NOTE: This production contains mature themes and strong language and is recommended for middle and high school audiences.

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